Art Journaling

taught by Mary Beth Shaw

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Congratulations on your purchase of Art Journaling. I hope you find this course as fun to take as it was to make!

Throughout this course, we will explore the terminology, techniques, and tools used for creating and designing art journals. You will learn how to take an existing book and create an art journal to express yourself, plus the techniques involved with each to create your perfect work of art. Lastly, you will learn tips and tricks that will help you move your art to the next level. 

Each segment is designed to be concise and presented clearly so it can be effectively mastered. We have provided a link so you can conveniently purchase this course's supplies from StencilGirlProducts

Mary Beth Shaw
Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she quit her job in 2000 to re-ignite a childhood love of art. She is now a full time painter and internationally known workshop instructor. Her creative process is largely self taught, spontaneous and joyful. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media and Stencil Girl , both published by F&W and is also a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine.

In 2010, Mary Beth recognized a need for 'artist designed' stencils and created StencilGirl Products, which has quickly grown into a respected supplier of high quality stencils for all media. Living with her husband and three cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life.

- Mary Beth Shaw

Reviews (133)

So worth the watch!

by Molly Pitts
I was sad when I completed the course. Mary Beth is my favorite artist to watch and get inspiration from. I always wondered how her pieces seemed to glow and she shows you one way during this class.

Collage and Art Journaling

by Karla Creager
Thank you, Mary Beth for a lovely course! I first discovered you on Wanderlust 2019 and I love your stencils! Your method for selecting magazine elements to collage was like an AHA moment for me. I tried it and I am sure it will help make my pages much more interesting. I also appreciate seeing. the process you use to create a collage piece. VERY helpful info for a newbie. Thanks again!

Wonderfully demonstrated art journalling course

by rachel rhodes
This art journalling course was well thought out and easy to complete, following the instructions. Most enjoyable!
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So worth the watch!

by Molly Pitts
I was sad when I completed the course. Mary Beth is my favorite artist to watch and get inspiration from. I always wondered how her pieces seemed to glow and she shows you one way during this class.

Collage and Art Journaling

by Karla Creager
Thank you, Mary Beth for a lovely course! I first discovered you on Wanderlust 2019 and I love your stencils! Your method for selecting magazine elements to collage was like an AHA moment for me. I tried it and I am sure it will help make my pages much more interesting. I also appreciate seeing. the process you use to create a collage piece. VERY helpful info for a newbie. Thanks again!

Wonderfully demonstrated art journalling course

by rachel rhodes
This art journalling course was well thought out and easy to complete, following the instructions. Most enjoyable!

Fun, fun, fun, with Art Journaling 101

by Ginny Mapes
Loved this class. 💛 So many great ideas, I had to stop and order the products as we went along. The freedom to create, change, and alter the page was fun. Thanks so much for all the tips.

by Sharon Healow
Very informative with many techniques to try and interesting ways to use the stencils. Creative and inspiring!


by Di Franks
Lovely work...lots of great ideas!

by Jette Karmark Hansen

Some great jolt

by Ann Gillaspie

Fantastic Course

by Luz Brand-Lopez
I absolutely love this course. Mary Beth teaches great and simple techniques that you can implement in your sketchbook. Easy to understand and approach.

Art Journaling

by Rachael Mcchesney
Lots of Interesting ideas that I had not thought about. Very informative, good clear photography of work carried out and explanation of products. Its given a lot of inspiration on how to do a art journal.


by Denise Woodley
Wow. This course has me creating like nothing else has in the past. Fell in love with this style of journalling and have gotten right into it. What joyous fun, and I get to use all these widely varied mediums. Even bought myself stencils (local I'm afraid, buying from the USA is expensive because of the exchange rate), along with pretty papers and sticky crayons (who knew they existed)! It was, interestingly, extra enjoyable getting these things in the time of Covid-19 because so little is open. Now I'm happily making a phenomenal mess everywhere thwacking gesso, glue, sticky crayons, ink and acrylic around. Heaven. Thank you so much for getting me going (I usually make "realistic" art so this is right away from my normal box). Highly recommend the course to others if you feel like a delightful whack up the butt to get going. This has given me soooo many ideas that I'd like to stay up for the next five days and continue making gorgeous creations. I'm smiling from ear to ear as I write this! Denise, Phillip Island, Australia

So Fun!

by kathy young
I was not an art journalist nor interested in learning this medium. This class was irresistible-Thank you Stencil Girl 🥰

Great tips!

by Jill Joe
I loved watching the videos - I always enjoy getting new ideas for different mediums. This was a great resource and well put together! Thank you! Jill Daffodils Galleria

by Maria Grimanis

by ann houng

by Marsha Gulick

Inspirational and so easy to follow

by Ruth Spitze
Mary Beth Shaw is AMAZING! I love her art style. This course was quick and easy to follow. The video tutorials we so easy to watch and Mary Beth gave really great verbal instruction, tips and guidance. I loved all the videos and techniques shown. The first Into video where Mary Beth also shows an array of pages she's finished in her journal, was a great boost to get you excited. Thank you so much for this course. I LOVE IT!! Any anyone who is addicted to mixed media/art journaling should sign up.

Intro to Art Journaling

by Barbara Bowman
An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or a whole day. As a novice, I appreciated the way the class was presented. The additional text pages listing supplies needed is something I've rarely found in other classes. Rather than interspersed before the segment, it helped me go back and review the supplies before and after the class.

by Tonya Ashe

I loved this course!

by Sherry Newton
I learned some new techniques that I can’t wait to try in my art journal. This was a great course. Thanks!

Excellent Class!

by Miria Varghese

Great videos

by Kathy Leonard
These videos were great. They were short but informative. I learned several things from each one. I felt inspired to try new things.

Art Journaling

by Lesley Lanir
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Well-organised, great instruction.

Art Journaling

by Sharon Fuhrman
This is a very nice course offering lots of fun ideas for starting and completing journal spreads. I love Mary Beth's casual fun style!

by Melanie Osteen

I liked it, thank you for the inspiration

by MaritMaryBeth MaassShaw
I liked it so much, I want to play right now, even though I have to go to sleep. Thank you for the inspiration!


by Ann Rippin
I really enjoyed this and learned a lot, I like the really handy hints and tips, and I found the idea of working with a grid intriguing. I also like the very free way of working. Great teaching style - like learning from a good friend and having her pass on great tips.

Art Journaling

by Kimberly Corle
Fabulous! Clear instruction and great tips! Loved it!

journal making collage. art journal grid collage, art J spray ink

by jean mac sorley
really informative with loads of ideas to play with. Very comprehensive and engaging. ta a mil for his generous contribution to sketchbook revival.

ART JOURNALING was amazing class...

by Chris Sanders
This class was SO MUCH FUN, and filled with such a great variety of IDEAS... Mary Beth’s instruction was great, she was clear with directions and examples, gave great ideas and such cool techniques and tips!! I couldn’t get enough of it, just wanted to go for days! 😄 She also was so encouraging to be free with what you do, and just do your own thing... don’t sweat the mistakes, just turn them into something else... don’t try to make yours look like anyone else’s, just BE YOU!!! THANK YOU MARY BETH, SOOO MUCH, FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM YOU... THANKS TO SKETCHBOOK REVIVAL FOR INTRODUCING ME TO YOU!! If you’re ever in Atlanta area for classes or workshops, I want to know, I want to attend!!

by Barbara McCurdy

by Linda De Paoli

by Renee Damstra

by va quick
Loved the presentations/videos. Mary Beth has a great teaching style. I loved trying out the techniques, especially liked the grid collage and the layering.

by Paula Westcott
Thank you, I thought that it was great! I learned new things especially how stencils can enhance journal pages.

Great class.

by NM Creatrix
I am a long time journaler, and still got several great ideas from the class. And I am going to have to invest in some squarish stencils. Most of mine are circular-ish. Love the architectural resilts that you got!

Inspiring and Informative!

by Joanne Metz
Thank you Mary-Beth for providing this excellent art journalling workshop. I have added to my toolkit and can't wait to continue working with the tools and techniques you demonstrated in this series!

First Art Journaling Meeting

by vikky rafaël
In the free Course Revival 2020, I found Beth and because what she did/said spoke to me. Happy I found this Stencil Girl but as the entering gave me a lot of fuzz, (thanks to Carol for showing the way for entering) I saw everything in a wink because I didn't dare to close the computer. Hope so see everything again... tomorrow, just on a much slower tempo. Thanks for this interesting class

Art Journalling

by Carly Blankevoort
Absolutely wonderful. So very out of my comfort zone but I want to do this. Thanks for the class!

Shaw stencil lessons via Karen Abend

by rochelle kyrk
Excellent tips, use of supplies and technique!

by Josee Taylor

Sketchbook revival journal course

by paula w-l
Hooray! Just enough to get me going. Thank you for all the different techniques so I don’t have to wait to buy something before I get going.

by carrie Smallwood
Loved it all

Art Journaling

by Janice Zahnzinger
Fun class, Mary Beth is a great teacher.

the best

by Mary Thoma
Best teacher, best teaching artist, pleasant to listen to her voice. Bonus she creates artistic resources and isn't afraid to say she likes products, in her videos, that don't happen to be Stencil Girl Products. When you are the owner, founder you can make your own rules as you go. MaryBeth Shaw sets the bar high for other companies when it comes to exercising freedom to reach for artists, for products, for design, don't pull back thinking of the end, push forward for the unknown. That's what I get from MaryBeth Shaw's teaching.

Art Journaling Class

by Linda Crawford
I received this class as a freebie on the 2020 Sketchbook Revival. I think the course was very well done and quite informative. Thank you so much for the detailed information.


by Anna Dean
Thank you so much for this. I'm new to journalling and I'm now so inspired to widen my approach. Very straightforward explanations and it's great to have a list of supplies too.

Excellent Art Journaling Course

by Phyllis Berker
This course was so enjoyable in the basics of this creative outlet, with the use of stencils included. The course is a wonderful kick start for how to get started, with a wealth of ideas and products for designing your journal pages.

Exactly as it is written

by Vanessa Snyman
Wonderfully presented course

Art Jounaling

by Suzanne Demers
Love all of it but the grid collaging was a new addition to my repertoire .

Loved this Course!

by Gail Stanghelle
This course just resonated with me! I love color, texture and organic looking work and this gave me some tools to really explore and express myself. Mary Beth was really easy to follow and understand and I like that there was always a list of products she used. I'd really like to know where she found that one sponge that she spread the paint with in the first lesson! Haven't been able to find that! Thanks so much!

Art Journaling

by N S
Loved it! Lots of information well presented.

Great title..straight forward

by Anne Spooner
clear, very informative and instructional

Art journaling what fun

by Santa Smale
Excellent course. Thank you.

by wendy finch

Great Course

by Theresa Harrison
I came away with a lot of inspiration and new techniques for my tool box. Thanks

Art Journaling

by cindy olson
Awesome course with soooooo many techniques. a ++++++

Art Journaling

by Veronica Norris
Excellent, lots clearly explained and so much easier than reading a book on techniques


by Bea Savellano
Informative and well done...

Art Journaling review

by Jeri Lange
I liked this course. It contained a lot of good information and it was simple to follow.

Art Journaling

by Meena Keuer


by Dinie Herbert
I enjoyed this so much, thank you.

Art Journalling

by Maurene McQuestion

by S V

by R Dalrymple

Funa dn Freeing

by Melissa Malm
The techniques Mary Beth has so expertly taught really give everybody the freedom to explore their creativity in a wonderfully freeing 'get down and dirty' way. Enjoyed this immensely!

Art Journalling

by Anne Wise
Excellent video instructions - thank you! :-)

Great course

by Heather Goldsmith
Thanks so much for this one. I really enjoyed the fun lessons.

Great introduction to art journaling

by Ahrabella Lewis
This course is a great and inspiring introduction to art journaling with excellent teaching from Mary Beth . The course is well supported by text lists of supplies .It was really good to see how the journal pages were created and a joy to look at the rich colourful spreads. Thank you so much I am now going to take all that I have learnt from the course to experiment with my own art journaling .

Loved it!

by Nancy Gorham
great course - lots of great info. Instructor is fantastic

Art Journaling

by Angela Giaimo
GREAT CLASS! Learned so much!

Journaling Made Attainable

by Geri Beam
MaryBeth takes complex ideas and techniques but breaks them down into doable parts. I love watching her work. It gives me courage to do my own journaling.

Art Journaling

by Doreen Sharabati
Very thorough and made me want to give it a try!!

Surprisingly Creative

by Maria Cecilia Jara
Such different ways to design, create and use different materials!!

by Dawn Hoffman

by Lyla McDaniel
I thought it was very good, however, I wish there was a way to make the screen bigger. Some things I could not see what you were doing.

Review of Introduction to Art Journalling

by Susan Beaumont
What a wonderful introduction to art journals! Great techniques --all of which seem accessible and fun! I would love to watch these demonstrations again, one by one, with materials on hand. The appeal of art journals is very evident in the lessons. A really nice travel journal section too! Thank you very much for this inspiration!

Spray inks

by Joan Whitmore
Just great!

ART Journaling

by Theresa Cady
I very much enjoyed this course. I'm not usually into creating "messy" art but this was so intriguing, especially in that you could actually end up with a lovely outcome of personal expression. Learning what materials to use and ways to apply them was such fun. Thank you for sharing your expertise. TC

This was great!

Good techniques, and I had great success with creating my own version. Thank you!

Wonderful ideas on how to journal

by Kim Pritchard
Really loved follow along with this tutorial. Lots of great ideas from start to finish. I can't wait to get started on my own journal and try out these techniques. So many possibilities.

rating the art journaling class

by carol vasenko
Thank you, Mary Beth, for offering this thru Sketchbook Revival. I tried every exercise, bought some stencils, and LOVED it! I like your art style and teaching style. Love stencils. I thought the tutorial was excellent.

by Janet Ott
Loved the course. Great ideas for spring-boarding into larger works of art. Now I know a new and more painterly way no use all of those Ranger distressed crayons I had to have.


by Marilyn Barnett

by Judy Maloney

Loved it

by anne buckingham
Thank you for this great fun course - so good to see you playing with materials and encouraging us to do the same

Review of class

by patricia hebron
Enjoyed the video demo’s they were very comprehensive and had a lot of techniques. Thank you Mary Beth

Awesome class!

by Sarah Gardner
I loved this! It got me thinking about some techniques I haven't used in a while as well as taught me some new ones! Thank you, StencilGirl?Mary Beth!

by Manuela Cubero

Art Journaling

by Ann Maclachlan
Super! Loads of ideas and techniques for the stuff in my stash!

Great Ideas

by Theresa Carroll
I love Marybeth's work, but I appreciate the techniques she shared in this course even more. I particularly found the lesson on Archival Inks to be valuable, but every lesson contained great ideas for improving my journaling.


by Corinne Hodgson
I have very much enjoyed this introduction to art journaling. I love your presentation style, very direct and with great demonstrations; full of inspiration. So many wonderful ideas and ways to approach the journal page. Great prep ideas with a variety of approaches. You have totally made me fall in love with art journalling and look forward to getting some stencils to enhance my journal pages.

descriptive of the class

by gjeneve hopkinson
Great class. I learned a lot. Hope to put parts of it to work soon. Thanks for everything you contributed to Sketchbook Rival 2020.

Great Tutorial

by Lee-Anne Deegan
Lovely different techniques that can get you started on creating your own journal pages, built confidence and then you can just experiment to make your own designs.

So many great ideas!

by LInda Harris
I'm watching it a second time--it's wonderful on a rainy day in Texas!

great for beginners

by Christina Wilson
Good product information too

Great Inspiration and How to!

by Cynthia Jacobs
Loved the breakdown of how to create these awesome mixed media pages!

by Phyllis Stratman

by Linda Weingärtner

Art Journaling Rocks!

by Elaine Bishop
This class was so full of information and videos. I was able to learn fast and be able to complete many different techniques for journaling . I loved it, and I hope many more people get the chance to take this class. I did it in one afternoon, it was fun, relaxing and presented very personable! Thank You so much! Elaine Bishop

by Flor Amapola


by Carol Richards
I thoroughly enjoyed this Art Journaling course. Mary Beth is a great instructor and seeing her techniques has inspired me to get going on another art path. Thank you!!

Stencil girl journal class

by carla Dixon
I always learn so much from Mary Beth Shaw’s classes.

This course is a definite keeper

by Michelle Ramsay
Replaying now, will work along with Mary Beth this time. Thank you for the inspiration!

Art Journaling Online Class

by Heidi Guenther
This class is a really great intro to Art Journaling! I appreciate Mary Beth’s style of teaching - there’s lots of tips!! She explains the what’s what of what she’s doing very well. The videos show her progress beautifully and her voice comes through clearly! As someone who has art journaled for years, I was thrilled to learn a few new things through this course!!

by Radhika Goel

by Carole L’Heureux


by barbara Rhodes
I have been doing art for 56 years and teaching for 36 and still learned new techniques. Thanks for sharing these with me.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Patsy Disney
When you’re staying inside to avoid the virus, what better thing to do than create journal pages then journal your experience as you stay indoors...your thoughts, feelings, reflections, lessons learned both personally and through websites such as StencilGirl. I’ve not had the pleasure to know this site in the past. What a kind gesture. You provided me with a class I’d normally would have had to pay for. The lessons were wonderful, organized and I’ll be visiting your website in the near future to take more courses, as will my friends I forwarded your Art Journaling class to. It’s nice to be home, in my own space, taking a class at my own pace and feeling accomplished. Thank you again for your kindness.

I'd add "Many Techniques"--so many many ideas.

by Judith Duvall
I've been art journaling for years, now, but I love to watch videos, hoping to pick up some more ideas. This class was totally amazing to me. Mary Beth shared so many tips and techniques as she worked on everything, like paper, how to keep it from bubbling up, how different products work, why she makes her choices, what her thinking is as she works. I've got pages of notes on things to try. Thank you so so much. Judy


by Rachael Ayers
There was so many inspiring ideas in here, I really can't wait to get started!

by Christy Brink

Inspiring and informative

by Maureen O'Connell
I loved this course.

Fabolous Tricks to do art journal pages

by Myriam Manns
I loved hhow structured and perfect the class is builz up. You exactely know what to have on hand to create magic. So much fun. Thank you for sharing a lot of tips and tricks. Myriam

by denise dineen

Maggie's review

by Maggie McClune
This is a great introduction to different ways to approach pages. Thank you very much for making it available . I'ts the first thing I did upon starting my lockdown time.A great way to add some joy in my day.

Art Journaling and Collage

by jeannie Shyam
Thoroughly enjoyed it. There are so many tips and examples of design principles and theory.

by rochelle zee
Totally enjoyed the lessons!

by Karen Youngson

Some great new techniques

by Lynne Gooding
I learned some new mixed media techniques that I will incorporate into my art, and picked up some handy tips too. I like the quick and to the point teaching style, also.

by Tami Richardson

Excellent nudge!

by Susan Warder
I've gessoed several spreads since starting this. I like watching MB's process.. It's wonderful to witness "errors" or oops (as Carolyn Dube calls them). Always exciting to learn of products new to me, such as the Golden Super Matte Medium (their new name for it) and new uses for existing supplies (alcohol inks, for instance). I spent time tearing and cutting pages and papers in my stash last night so they are more ready for action. I am usually poky (or non participating) about completing online classes. I appreciate the format of this - the complete in themselves components , rather than step by step. inspiring! Thank you


by Kimberly Zajac
I really liked this course as an intro, but expected a whole lot more for the money.

Overpriced for amount of content.

by patricia porche
I take a LOT of online classes and I was very disappointed in the small amount of information and techniques provided for $49.00


by Donna Cerny
Great course, Mary Beth. I've had some medical issues and have ground through 21 months of chemo which has almost completely eliminated my energy for or urge to go down to my basement "art cave" and do anything. That said, I've been well enough pass time during chemo and at home placing orders from you, Joggles and Amazon and now have 5 reusable supermarket totes FULL of new goodies that need to be relocated to where they'll be used and it's been this course and your stencil class that have given me the boost to start tackling that job. Even though I've done a lot of stenciling and a good bit of art journaling, you've given me terrific new ideas to go with the energy and I can't wait to get things reorganized, and clear space to actually be able to work. As much as the courses have provided in terms of ideas, the motivation and spark they've provided have been even more special! Thank you, thank you. Donna

by shannon pearson

by Lana Bobele

good title... mostly for beginners

by NK Dunkerley
enjoyed the review and still picked up some new tips.

Art Journal Workshop

by Pamela Barnes
I binge watched the art journal workshop twice, taking notes the second time around. This workshop is crammed full of easy to follow instructions, techniques and beautiful journal pages. I was thrilled to have all the supplies to start other than some stencils and they are on the way! Thanks again Mary Beth for another fabulous workshop!

Art journaling

by sue knoll
I really enjoyed this Marybeth. You make everything look so easy. I always learn good things from you and enjoyed this😊 I will watch this again. It is worth the money to do this and thank you for the $29 off❤️❤️❤️❤️


by Bev Sparks

Fab Art Journal course!

Warning viewing Mary Beth Shaw's Art Journaling course may cause viewers with the sudden urge to play in your own art journal, but I encourage you to watch the course all the way through. You may want to take notes as this course is jam packed with info and techniques.

Journal Binge

by Retha Williams
I watched the course nonstop because I couldn't stop looking. The instruction was clear and inspiring. It was beautifully filmed and a visual feast. I thoroughly enjoy watching Mary Beth work and am mesmerized by the magic she creates with color, shape, and pattern.