Boho Grunge

taught by Gwen Lafleur

Course description

Thanks for joining me for "Boho Grunge!" I hope you enjoy the project and techniques in this course as much as I enjoyed sharing them.

Throughout this course, I'll share some of my tips and tricks for creating backgrounds and integrating collage elements, building up the foreground, and putting together a dimensional boho-style focal point using a variety of new and vintage materials. Along the way, I'll share some of the design principles that I use to help create a stronger composition as well as techniques for making different metals look the same, how to make non-metal objects look like metal, and how to create a faux-rust finish with paints and embossing powder. 

This course shows the process of creating a boho-grunge style mixed media panel from start to finish, and it's been broken into sections to make it easy to follow along and work on your own project as we go. We have provided a link so you can conveniently purchase this course's supplies from StencilGirlProducts

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Gwen Lafleur
Gwen Lafleur

Gwen Lafleur is a lifelong artist and crafter, currently living in South Jordan, Utah. She's been involved in arts and crafts her entire life, trying anything from drawing lessons to paper crafts, and finally finding her true home as a mixed media artist. Whenever Gwen gets a break from her full-time job in the eCommerce industry, she can most often be found in her studio and working as a stencil artist, creative team member, and blog columnist for StencilGirl. Gwen's work has been published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Creative Scrapbooker magazines and her artwork can be found in private collections around the world.

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- Gwen Lafleur