Collage Stories

taught by Roxanne Evans Stout

Course description

Congratulations on your purchase of Collage Stories! I hope you find this course as fun to take as it was to make!

Throughout this course we will explore collaging using unique and exciting techniques. First we will create fabulous backgrounds on four sheets of watercolor pages. When they are dry we will add collage elements and stencils to our backgrounds. Finally we will add special touches to each page that will make your pages sing! 

I will share my thought processes with you every step of the way and you will learn why I I love the creative process.

Each segment is clear and concise so it can be effectively mastered. We have even provided a link so you can conveniently purchase the stencils I use in this course from StencilGirlProducts.

Please join Roxanne for the Collage Stories group page. This is a page where you can share your work, your thoughts and ideas and ask questions. See you there!

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

 I am a mixed media artist who lives and creates in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The mountains and river lands that surround my home are my constant inspiration. I share my art in workshops throughout the United States and have had my work shown and been published internationally. I teach mixed media art at Oregon Institute of Science and Technology and also teach online workshops to students from all over the world. Teaching enables me to share my passion... nothing makes me more happy than helping my students through their own process of renewal. My goal is to help you find your own magic. Through my art I would like to convey the feeling of renewal, connecting and timelessness. 

You can find Roxanne's bestselling books, Storytelling with Collage and Dancing on Raindrops on Amazon. CLICK HERE to purchase them on Amazon, or CLICK HERE to purchase them on North Light Book Store.

Make sure and keep up with Roxannes's classes and current artwork on her website, 

- Roxanne Evans Stout

Reviews (12)

by Chardell Salvant

by Nancy Harris Rhodes

by Jo Cumming
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by Chardell Salvant

by Nancy Harris Rhodes

by Jo Cumming

by Liezl van Schalkwyk
It was such a stunning class!!!! Thank you so much!

Loved this course

by Terry O'Neill
I loved this course. I've had little experience combining the elements in this class - collage, watercolor, more. But I ended up with 4 pages that I'm very happy with. Roxanne's presentations were clear and easy to follow. She inspired me.


by Susan
Really enjoyed. Wonderful ideas, use of materials. I loved how she used the stencils; normally used as part of background but I really liked how she used as focal point.

Great course

by donna shatkoski
This is a wonderful course with such fun techniques. I am having fun!

Collage Stories

by donna moore
I appreciate Roxanne’s willingness to share her craft. She makes it approachable and fun which gives me the ability to try creating my own stories. I now know how to create a base for all my found objects!


by Sylvie Roussel
Merci à toutes les deux . Cet atelier est vraiment fabuleux

Visual Storytelling

by Retha Williams
This is a wonderful class that I will watch many times for techniques and inspiration and for the pleasure of seeing a visual storyteller spin a tale in her signature style.

I had a great time

by Rachel Williams
Thanks, I learnt so many valuable tips from this course....I should have been working, but played with this instead!

If you like collage, take this course and buy her books

by peggy McDevitt
Ive been working with collage for years but I found this course to be well worth the money. She takes you through 4 collage pieces from start to finish, gives you ideas on how to display your collages and doesn’t engage in unnecessary talking. Roxannes teaching style is what I enjoy - videos are short, informative and to the point. Sign me up for any class. She teaches.