Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Day Tripping, A Quick Introduction

    • Day Tripping Full Intro with More Journals!

    • Strategizing a Travel Journal

    • Supplies and Tools

    • Page Prep with Mary Beth and Jennifer

    • Rule of Thirds Photo Composition with Jennifer

    • iPhone "Live Photo" Tutorial with Jennifer

    • How Jennifer uses Snapseed and Distressed FX apps

    • Tip-in and Tip-out Page Attachments with Jennifer

    • Page Binding and Cover Creation with Jennifer

    • Jennifer's Day Tripping Journal Tour

    • Mary Beth Starts a Page Spread with Collage

    • Journal Assembly with Mary Beth

    • Mary Beth Embellishes her Pages

    • Express Yourself with Private Writing

    • Embellished Map Covers with Mary Beth

    • Day Tripping - Full Instructions

    • Cyanotype aka Sun Print on Paper & Fabric

    • Cyanotype Reveal!

    • Here Comes the Sun - Cyanotype Printing

    • Parts is Parts with Mary Beth

    • Adding Sheer Papers to Your Work with Mary Beth

    • More Page Ideas with Mary Beth

    • Day Tripping Outtakes with Mary Beth and Jennifer